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Mission: To actively pursue new partnerships to develop innovative programs and services in education.

David Gibson, Director

Research and Development (R&D) is a catalyst for the growth and development of VI, its programs, and its partners. Our collaboration efforts helped in the creation of VI itself as well as several of its centers and programs, such as the Evaluation Center and the Online Learning project. Most recently, R&D was a key player in establishing the Vermont Mathematics Partnership. Currently, we’re helping to build a Vermont Science Partnership with the State Colleges of Vermont, UVM, other professional development providers, and VI core programs.

Online Learning Services

“Welcome! This campus was designed especially to serve the needs of the teaching and student community. The site consists of both text and graphics ... it is not necessary to navigate linearly as you would a book.”

“We are happy to welcome you to the VI Physical Science course. We are Brian Reid and Kathy Renfrew, your instructors. ... We look forward to an exciting and challenging term while we plumb the depths of the physical science content that you teach in your classrooms.”

“Welcome to the small group learning environment studying Internet Technology. Experiment! Learn! Grow! Support each other! But don’t forget to have fun!”

Three different welcomes, three different courses—all part of VI’s online campus. VI offers asynchronous online learning and working spaces to groups, schools and networks of educators. The online campus facilitates continuous learning, planning and collaborative work, increasing outreach and effectiveness with learners of all ages.

R&D developed the campus, and introduces users to the opportunities and technology. Online activities currently include:

  • Three Science Courses–anytime, anywhere learning for science teachers

  • Math Navigator–an email-based online newsletter for mathematics leaders

  • Science Physics Simulations–new classroom tools for learning

  • Advanced Internet Technology–a high school course in advanced technology

  • National Systemic Initiative Improvement Survey—a tool for school teams to use to measure progress in reform

  • eTIPs–online case simulations, for teacher educators to use in preparing teachers to use technology

  • And several study groups–online experimental and support spaces for team learning

We have plans for a new portal of Mathematics Improvement materials, and a survey tool and online team portfolio tool—a mentoring space—being designed with High Schools on the Move as part of VI’s Teacher Quality Enhancement Program.

News and Updates
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VI Research & Development also supports the organization and partners in the following ways:david working wireless

  • Facilitation of ideas
  • Systems analysis
  • Research design
  • Technical assistance in inquiry
  • Literature searches and reviews


R&D supports strategic planning in the overall organization, with member organizations, and with external partners:

  • Organizational behavior and development
  • Professional development
  • Program design and implementation planning
  • Funding and resource utilization

“David was the overseer of the flow of activity and chief writer of the grant proposal. He did a magnificent job of coordinating the various approaches to the work and providing an umbrella under which to frame our proposal. We knew what we wanted to do. He knew how to shape it so it made sense for a research proposal.”

Nick Boke,Project Co-Director
Vermont Strategic Reading Initiative

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