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Classroom Observation and Teacher Supervision in Mathematics Classrooms

“The lenses on learning class not only gave me the opportunity to learn with and from some of Vermont’s most enthusiastic mathematicians, teachers, and leaders, but it gave me the opportunity to hone my skills at focusing education on student learning. I’ve seen math and the observation process in a completely new light.”--Rob Bliss, Principal, Northwest Elementary

A course for instructional leaders and supervisors of K-12 mathematics instruction by
The Vermont Institutes

About Lenses on Learning

  • Are you focusing on improving math results in your school?

  • Are you wondering how you, as a principal or supervisor, can help – even if you are not an expert in mathematics?

We invite you to be part of this 36 hour seminar whose goal it is to:

  • Develop an eye for successful mathematics classrooms


  • Rethink the nature of the supervision of teachers

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at principals, curriculum directors, math department chairs, or math teacher leaders responsible for observing, supervising, mentoring, or evaluating mathematics instruction. The course is particularly helpful to supervisors whose teachers area receiving professional development in math instruction.

A perfect companion to Best Practices!

More About LoL

The seminar is designed to help develop the skills to support math teaching and learning through observation, supervision, and inquiry.

Participants explore math concepts and instructional techniques to reach a deeper understanding of standards-based mathematics classrooms. They engage in math activities, view and analyze videotapes of math instruction, read relevant articles, and carry out guided assignments in their schools related to the ideas explored in the seminar. They also view and discuss videotaped episodes of principals engaging in supervisory work with teachers around mathematics lessons.

This course will incorporate and extend concepts introduced in SAMPI or VCOT training. Previous experience with these trainings is welcome, but NOT required.


This course is primarily offered to whole districts or regionally to a few combined districts. The course is held locally and class times are worked out for maximum participation.



For further information, contact Seminar Instructor:

Nicole Saginor, Ed.D.
Associate Executive Director at Vermont Institutes
and former K-12 Curriculum Supervisor, Principal, and Superintendent 828-0068

Participant fee: $600

Graduate credit through the Vermont State Colleges available at additional cost.

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Lenses on Learning was developed by the Center for the Development of Teaching at EDC in Newton, MA under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, PEW Charitable Trusts, and the Wallace-Readers’ Digest Foundation.