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What's New

This section of the Addendum will post updates and timely information regarding Vermont-PASS. Future topics for "What's New" include:

  • VT-PASS Scheduling Information
  • Test Administration Workshops
  • Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers and Administrators
  • Information Regarding VT-PASS and the "No Child Left Behind" Legislation

July 2004

The Vermont-PASS science assessment score reports for the 2004 administration will be sent to all elementary and high schools the first week in August. These reports will be sent by our contractor, Education Data Systems. Student and Teacher opportunity to learn data along with middle school score reports will be sent by the Department of Education later in the month. For technical support analyzing VT-PASS report data and making the link to school and classroom science assessment, contact David White (828-0154) at the Vermont Department of Education.

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