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Working with teachers and school leaders to enhance student achievement

The Vermont Institutes supports standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the areas of mathematics, science, and technology.

We provide professional development, technical support, leadership development and coaching, systems design, program evaluation, technology applications, and research services.

VI partners with schools, school districts, government agencies, businesses, higher education, and foundations to improve performance of students by supporting the adults who educate them.

Our goal is to make sustained, continuous improvements in learning outcomes for pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade students in Vermont.

Doug Harris, Executive Director
Please browse our website for more information, or call me at 802-828-0061



In early 2005, we became engaged in extensive program planning and determined that we could best be of service by narrowing and deepening our focus.

In 2005-06 and beyond, The Vermont Institutes will focus efforts in three areas:

  • Mathematics and Mathematics Education

    This will be our core content area. Led by Regina Quinn, we will continue our long-standing commitment to mathematics through courses and seminars; through the Vermont Mathematics Partnership (VMP); through the Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP); through our collaboration with the Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI); through residencies and intensive work in schools; and through support of mathematics assessment. Be on the lookout for announcements of our summer offerings in mathematics in the near future.

  • Research and Evaluation

    David Gibson and I will continue to lead our work in research and evaluation. We will continue to offer research and program evaluation services both within Vermont and nationally, including work in assessment literacy and development of comprehensive local assessment plans and systems.

  • Technology

    Phil Hyjek will continue to provide leadership in technology programs, systems, and strategies. Our support of the Vermont One to One Computing Initiative continues, as does our work with the Consolidated Federal Program. Our partnership with the University of Vermont grows through the offering of contract courses with a focus toward the Technology Specialist Endorsement. The nature and scope of our technology support will become clearer as budget and program decisions are made at the state and federal levels.

The decision to focus on these three core areas is not an easy one, given the quality of the people and programs we have offered in the past. However, we believe that this narrowing of scope is essential given current fiscal realities. We also believe that these areas make sense in terms of our core expertise, current economics, potential for sustainability and, most importantly, potential impact on educators and students.

If you have questions or would like more information related to our plans for 2006, please contact me at VI at 802-828-0061. As always, we look forward to building and sustaining strong partnerships with you next year and into the future.

Doug Harris, Executive Director


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